Shawn McDonald – All I Need

I once stole a CD from a friend by accident. They had left it in my CD binder after a road trip and then went travelling. By the time they returned, I had moved overseas and forgotten that I had their CD—it was in the midst of dozens of others in the binder. Eventually she gave up and bought another one, and sent me a message saying that I could keep it.

The album on that CD was Lie In Seattle by Shawn McDonald. After hearing that I could “keep” the CD, I found it tucked away in the binder and slipped it into my truck’s CD player—and it stayed there for quite a while.

Shawn McDonald isn’t really my style but this album really stuck with me, and I listened to it over and over on my way to and from work for months. When I started leading worship, I learned a couple of the songs off Live In Seattle, namely “Here I Am” and “All I Need”.

All I Need has stayed in the worship binder for many years, now. I love to sing it, although I have nothing near the talent that Shawn does. It reminds me of just how much Jesus has truly done for me, in provision, in grace, in salvation, in adoption, in the myriad things that I don’t see ever second of every day. I’m wholly dependant on His grace to stay alive, moment to moment. That’s humbling.

But not only does he give us the grace to simply exist, but he gives us the grace to be more than alive—to be vessels through which he demonstrates his love to the world and calls all to Himself. Perhaps that is fully alive.

So here it is 🙂

Featured Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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